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There are a number of tools that students can use for creating products that demonstrate their understanding and can be used as alternative assessments. This is a list of some ideas I’ve tried:

Scientists wanted: This used to be a letter-sized poster presentation of a scientist or inventor and the person’s work. It was a simple thing to convert this assignment into a
Photostory presentation.

Collaboration. Students have learned there is an easier way to share information other than emailing links and files:

How to make... Lab procedures and results can be recorded photographically, then the photos arranged in an interesting
Slide show.

Explain a concept through illustration. Toondoo is was used to make this comic strip of the difference between speed and velocity.


Uncover your learning style. Knowing where one’s strengths are helps focus your studying to minimize the effects of your weaknesses.

Field guide to campus species. Wiki’s such as
Wikispaces, Wetpaint, and PBWiki are good hosting sites for collaborative field work such as our Field Guide to Campus Species and our upcoming history of area industries affecting water quality project.

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Danny Nicholson said...

really great ideas here! thanks for sharing