Field Guide to Local Species

The insects collected for the summer project will be used throughout the year to teach many different biology concepts. Students will be creating web-based pages of an insect and its habits, lifestyle, and living requirements. These pages will be contained together to make a field guide of insects we have observed in the area. Later, students will add tree species to the field guide.

For each insect in the "Field Guide to Our Biology Catch" students will provide a picture (preferably from their collection) of the insect and:
  • Latin name
  • Common name
  • Family
  • Description: shape, size, color, antennae, palps, wings, legs, thorax, abdomen
  • Food
  • Life cycle: stages of development, life expectancy
  • Habitat
  • Range
  • Interesting Facts (optional)
  • Cite Resources

  • Thus far into the assignment, the students have joined and are starting their research. Watch here for the results.

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