Six Things for 2010

It is New Year's Eve day and I am thinking about things to look forward to in the upcoming year. Following the advice of Zen Habits, I am going to focus on habits that will bring more joy to my life. In keeping with one of my favorite quotes, my list of Six Impossible Things that I am imagining for 2010:
  • Get my pilot's license
    • The schedule for this one is entirely $$-dependent
  • Organize my work files
    • I am lucky to have a classroom aide. With her help, I am color-coding files for different courses and creating master files.
  • Be consistent with my vitamin regimen
    • My fibromyalgia pain has five components: stress (little control over this); sleep (monitored); medicine (not too heavy); exercise (not too much, not too little); and VITAMINS. I have a tendency to remember the vitamin component only when the pain levels increase, which is not a good method. I need to work out a better method.
  • Update and maintain my websites regularly
    • I want to blog more frequently and revamp my personal website.
  • Sustain a vigorous routine at the gym
    • Using a personal trainer has kept my FM pain down but is very pricey. I would like to get myself doing more work on my own.
  • Take control of my budget
    • My 6th resolution keeps changing. Taking control of my budget is a necessity for accomplishing goal no. 1. But I really want to take another physics class. And I need to set aside time to read literature. And salsa dancing! Hmmm...
Now to generate a plan for each of these habits. Progress to be posted here.

Have a joyous year, smile often, love one another!

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