River Watching

I am blessed to live in beautiful New England with the Merrimack River across the street and a creek in the back yard. The water is fresh water but is tidal due to our proximity to the ocean. My morning commute is another blessing, being a short seven-mile drive along and across the river. With the beauty around me I arrive at work ready for the day.

Every day I think I should stop and take a picture of the river. It's life and vitality impresses me and every day has something to show me. When it is very cold in the winter a thin layer of ice may coat the surface of the river. Being a major river and tidal, these sheets of ice collect along the edges and sand bars of the river, catching other drifts and piling up.  At low tide there may be a tall "butte" in the river, at tide change icebergs will be traveling. We saw one being used by two bald eagles as a place to argue over a fish breakfast.

Somethimes it has gotten so cold that the river looks solid with a thick white snowy layer. It is a fast moving river that no one should try to cross on foot, but I have seen a coyote cross in the early morning, dead of winter.

In the back yard as the tide comes and goes in winter, the ice cracks and moves to the higher areas. Cattails are beaten down by the moving ice. At night it sounds like there is a toop of marauders moving up the creek. As much as I dislike the cold, I love watching the river.

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