Is This Called Progress?

At the end of last year I made a short list of things that would make me happy for this year, and I promised updates. Well, this is an update, though not the one I was hoping for. My six things were:

  1. Get my pilot's license
  2. Organize my work files
  3. Be consistent with my vitamin regimen
  4. Update and maintain my websites regularly
  5. Sustain a vigorous routine at the gym
  6. Take control of my budget
My number one goal has been put on hold indefinitely for financial reasons. :(
I have not begun my number two goal. I still have half the year?
Goals numbers three and five I have been successful with and I am feeling healthy enough to try hiking with other people.
I have gotten worse, not better, at goal number four. While I take responsibility for this regression I forgive myself because I know the stress I have been under with my divorce.
And goal number six is always a work in progress! Again, this goal has taken a major hit with the loss of a second income and all debts falling upon me.

So while it doesn't look like I have made much progress, I am still feeling hopeful. Here's to improvements in the next calendar quarter! :)

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