Moon Watching Introduced

Picture from Moon Connection
Why the Resistance?

My oceanography classes will be making moon observations, including sketches, over a one or two month period. The length of time the assignment lasts is cloud-dependent. I'm getting major resistance from these high school seniors. They think it a silly pointless exercise. They think they know all about the moon phases. I disagree that they really understand the relationship between Earth and moon. I'll report back later on how it goes.


Colleen said...

Isn't it crazy when you get resistance about things you think are so cool?! I would love to do this for homework. 17 and 18 year olds love to resist and if there are one or two strong personalities leading the way, they all love to jump on board. How did it go? is there a way to get them to buy into it more?

Stardiver said...

Awaiting your results. I wrote a whole dissertation on pretty much this same topic, only my participants were pre-service elementary teachers.