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Analyzing Learning Styles

Today my students are taking an online learning styles quiz that consists of 70 questions purportedly analyzing and organizing the results on seven learning styles: visual, verbal, aural, physical, solitary, social, and logical.
I was surprised by my results because I ALWAYS have to picture something to "get" it, and I have to draw and diagram to explain, although I do get lost a lot. The rest of it seemed to make sense to me, so I suppose the results are all relative.

I had the students send their graphs to me in a word document, with their own thoughts and analysis. The website includes descriptions of the learning styles. My plan is to use this information to both understand my students better and to organize lab groups, matching strengths and weaknesses.

Update: I've put the student data into a spreadsheet and am enjoying the heck out of reading their self-analysis and looking at the graphics. Data are sexy.

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