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21st Century List of Charts of Elements

The Periodic Table of Elements is the chemists main toolbox.  About three years ago I posted a bakers dozen of online Periodic Tables of Elements. As is the way with online resources and links, things have changed. This post refreshes the list, brings the links current, adds new resources, and drops bad links. There are numerous tables online that can be used by the teacher and the student for learning about the elements of the earth, and now we have them in podcasts, QR codes, and illustrated. Here is a dozen or so fun and useful favorites; enjoy:
  • Dynamic Interactive Table of Elements. A multi-layered interactive table with tabs that provide a wealth of information about properties, orbitals, isotopes, and just about anything else the student would need.
  • Chemistry in its Element Podcasts. A leading scientist or author tells the story behind each element.  
  • Printable Periodic Tables. If you want to print out a copy of a table for your students, this is the place to go. There are illustrated versions and clean versions to choose from among the huge list provides. There is even a QR Coded version
  • Periodic Table of Videos. A whole set of videos by the University of Nottingham demonstrating properties of the elements and describing them. Quite a lot of fun.
  • The Sterling Museum of Mining has an interesting display of useful substances related to the elements. 
  • Interactive Periodic Table Game. A module in the form of a game that can help the student with understanding trends and patterns in the periodic table. It also includes a link to a printable version of the table.
  • Los Alamos Lab Periodic Table of Elements. Great site for students. Colorful with interesting information about history, uses, and properties of elements.
  • These tables are also great for the elementary or high school student: 
  • ChemiCool Periodic Table. Detailed information on history of discovery and more. plus videos and links.
  • Wooden Periodic Table Table. An actual table shaped like the periodic table of elements and containing samples of the elements. Very cool.
  • The Photographic Periodic Table of Elements. Another site from the maker of the wooden periodic table table, this site contains pictures, stories, text, data, detailed technical data about every element, great pictures, information about radioactive decay chains, and more.
  • Addendum 9 Nov 2012: Elementology & Elements provides a history of the elements and their names, and names of the elements in 98 languages. There are 120 pages describing the elements. also has a list of links to charts of elements as well as links to discussions of the elements.

Added 13 Dec: The Periodic Table Project – An Artistic Version of the Periodic Table
Added 22 Oct: shared this list of period table links; some are videos and interactive!

    And then are the charts of non-chemistry elements that take the form of the periodic table of chemical elements:
    Now I am thinking about all the projects a teacher could assign to organize information (history, art, math) in an organized chart of elements.

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