How Science is Really Done

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Today was the day I told the students that there is no "Scientific Method". It is astonishing that the misconception of "steps" of the scientific method continue to be propagated through textbooks and poster publishers.

I use the marvelous website linked to the graphic below to explain how science really works.
How Science REALLY Works: The Flowchart


Gran Raps said...

Thanks for share this helpful info.
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Reflections of a Science Teacher said...

You are most welcome, and thank you for posting your comment!


Thank you for sharing. With the initial phase of the implementation of NGSS, I remember reading about how the scientific method has been gone since the 60's. I understood what it meant in that science is conducted by inquiry and that the steps are not set in stone at all. Rather, the scientific method was initially developed in order to standardize scientific research papers.

I had no idea how to explain this to my students or even their parents. This graphic is fantastic in that it makes it very clear to see how science is conducted randomly based off the path the researcher is led or decides to take. Thank you again for providing it!