Dissection of a Purse

I can never find anything in my purse. It's not a big purse, it's not a small purse, and it's not overfilled (as it was during the days of babies and toddlers). I read a facebook status today that said, "So I was just digging through my purse to find my eye liner...and i found a beer...i think my purse might be too big if its hiding beers on me now." So what is in mine? No beer, but:
Hairbrush, pocket notebook, pilot log, checkbook, valentine from my son, camera, tape measure, folding botanical magnifier, ipod, tube of Archipelago Botanicals Oat Creme Milk handcream, eyeliner, dental floss, mini box of wooden waterproof matches (I don't smoke), liquid-filled compass, two pair of reader glasses (one purple & green, the other black with red flowers), two small smooth stones (one green, the other black with grey stripes), six lipsticks/lip glosses, copper bookmark, two clicker pencils, felt tip pen, ball point pen, mini-sharpie, debit card, license, medical card, work id, bandaid, multivitamin package, cough drop, file card listing lab supplies to buy, bobby pin, cell phone, spare camera battery, and $45.61.
So if you had to create the person who owned this collection, what would you infer?

Now if you read this far, you have got to check out great purses here and here; wish I had a couple of them!

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Sylvia said...

1. She has an eye for detail AND spends time in the outdoors (the small stones, assuming they're natural and not store-bought/tumbled,)2. She is middle-class (the handcream sounds like a middle-luxury brand,) 3. She is older (reading glasses,) 4. She goes camping or smokes (matches,) 5. The compass further adds evidence to the "camping" or "spending time outdoors" hypotheses. 6. She is a science professional or teacher (who else has a list of lab supplies in their pocket, other than maybe a prop man for sci-fi movies?)