A Dozen or so Charts of Elements

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The Periodic Table of Elements is the chemists main toolbox. There are numerous tables online that can be used by the teacher and the student for learning about the elements of the earth. Here is a bakers dozen of beautiful and useful favorites:
  • Dynamic Interactive Table of Elements. A multi-layered interactive table with tabs that provide a wealth of information about properties, orbitals, isotopes, and just about anything else the student would need.
  • Another Interactive Table of Elements. The benefit of this chart is that you scroll over the element and the information appears, rather than having to click and move through to another page. Contains all the essential data plus visuals of electron configuration and orbital configuration.
  • Printable Periodic Tables. If you want to print out a copy of a table for your students, this is the place to go. There are six versions to choose from. Another site that promises printable charts is ScienceGeek; I've not had time to check each link but it looked pretty interesting and should be explored.
  • Visual Periodic Table.  This table would make a nice poster. Its different contribution is an identification of what the element is its appearance in nature and its use in industry.
  • Periodic Table of Videos. A whole set of videos by the University of Nottingham demonstrating properties of the elements and describing them. Quite a lot of fun.
  • Interactive Periodic Table Game. A module in the form of a game that can help the student with understanding trends and patterns in the periodic table. It also includes a link to a printable version of the table.
  • Los Alamos Lab Periodic Table of Elements. Colorful with interesting information.
  • These tables are great for the elementary or high school student. WebElements Periodic Table. Chemical Elements. Jefferson Labs Table of Elements. Easy to use, click on an element and you are brought to a whole page of interesting and useful information on that element.
  • ChemiCool Periodic Table. Lots of great information plus videos and links.
  • Wooden Periodic Table Table. An actual table shaped like the periodic table of elements and containing samples of the elements. Very cool.
  • The Photographic Periodic Table of Elements. Another site from the maker of the wooden periodic table table, this site contains pictures, stories, text, data, detailed technical data about every element, great pictures, information about radioactive decay chains, and more.
And then are the charts of non-chemistry elements that take the form of the periodic table of chemical elements:
Now I am thinking about all the projects a teacher could assign to organize information (history, art, math) in an organized chart of elements.

Post post addition: Ben Wildeboer shares the additional site Chemogenesis Database of Periodic Tables. If you have the time to explore, and there are hundreds of periodic tables, there is a great amount of chemistry history contained in these tables as well as a huge variety.


Ben Wildeboer said...

I just found this a couple weeks ago, but it's pretty comprehensive:
The Internet Database of Periodic Tables: http://www.meta-synthesis.com/webbook/35_pt/pt_database.php?Button=Non-Chemistry+PTs

It includes both chemistry & non-chemistry periodic tables. There's a lot to see there!

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