Simplifying the New Year

Focussing On What Is Important

Core values of mine are being kind to one another, taking care of the environment, learning and educating, feeding people, and fostering peace, health, and beauty.

Naming what I will learn this year is not as important as commiting to continuing to learn.

Asking myself where I can make the greatest impact with volunteer efforts.

Making Decisions About What Adds Value And What Is Noise

Too much time is wasted online. Facebook is a time waster and does not add value. The "friends" list will be brought to something manageable and realistic. Love Twitter, but my list of who I follow needs winnowing - too much noise.

Try ro refrain from making unnecessary noises.

Clarifying Lessons With Today's Goals

Some of my lessons I loved ten years ago, but is that where we are today?

Jettison Bad Karma

There is a lot of stuff -- in the basement, attic, storage -- that is just not needed. Sell, give away, recycle.

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