Web Technology And Bloom's Taxonomy

Kathy Schrock's interactive chart of Android apps that support the Revised Bloom's Taxonomy prompted me to think about how the digital tools I've had my students use fit into the Bloom's framework. A while back, Andrew Churches wrote a wonderful post relating digital usages to the Revised Bloom's Taxonomy: Bloom's Taxonomy Blooms Digitally.  His post provides verbs and digital tools that are associated with the new levels of Bloom's. The picture here is Churches summary.
As I looked at Kathy Schrock's list of Android apps, and her list of Google tools, I saw that many tools overlap levels, depending on how they are used.


Remembering -- Understanding -- Applying -- Analysing -- Evaluating -- Creating

Keeping track of the many online tools and apps available is impossible as they continually change. You might find how I've used these tools with students helpful when designing your lessons. Each year I direct my students to use a variety of digital tools, some online and some downloads. So far this year, my Oceanography class has tweeted, blogged, submitted their documents online, watched my lectures online, discussed articles online, and glogstered.
Twitter: The few students willing to tweet think of it as a way to do status updates. I tried to show them its other possibilities by tweeting links to their blogs, searching hashtags,
Blogging: I've posted on this before, and will again. Links to previous posts on students blogging:
 Glogster: Our first poster project of the year, on the history of ocean exploration, was done with Glogster. Later on in the year, a poster on hurricanes was required. The Glogster posters met requirements to a much greater degree than the paper posters did, and both assignments had the same students and similar rubrics.

Schoolloop: Our school uses Schoollop for posting assignments, notices, and grades. I have been requiring students to submit their papers and written homework directly into schoolloop. I have also been posting my lectures here.
That's a few for now. I will post more later.







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