Ten Things I Would Do If I Had More Work Time

I am a reflective and thoughtful teacher who works very hard to give her best work to the students. Yet I feel there is still more I could still do for my students, if only I had more time. What would I do?

  1. Record my daily reflection in this blog, and record my plans for improvement
  2. Keep detailed records of the learning evidence shown by each of my students
  3. Contact all parents regularly with detailed reports about their students
  4. Give students more detailed feedback about their work, their learning, and their potential
  5. Collaboratively look at student work with colleagues
  6. Integrate my lessons with other teachers of other disciplines
  7. Do more professional reading
  8. Meet with my colleagues to learn together
  9. Organize more guest speakers
  10. Meet with students individually outside of class time to discuss their learning and set goals


Snowguy said...

Good list! I often think along the very same lines, especially the parts focusing on student achievement and feedback.

Reflections of a Science Teacher said...

Yes. The children (everyone) thrive on feedback and acknowledgement.