Day 1: Introductions

A Hot and Humid Beginning

Today was pretty much uneventful but, because I want to get into the habit of writing daily, I am still posting my reflection.

Each class has a different personality to it, as always, and the two physical science classes were extremely different from each other. The morning starts with three oceanography classes followed by a physical science, break and lunch, another physical science and study hall. I have already typed up the list of study hall students on a sign-in sheet - yay me.

The activity today was rather dull, but necessary. I told myself it was the heat that was making the students' eyes look glazed over, not my voice.  We went over the course expectations, signature sheets, and curriculum. Then I asked them to write on
Why I am taking this course. What I hope to gain, knowledge-wise, from taking the course.
I asked for specific example. Write more than 3 sentences. Use sophisticated language. I got one or two sentences each, and many were exactly what I said NOT to write: "for the credits".

Tomorrow I talk about Why Study Science.

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